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What We Do

Income Tax Services
Custom-crafted Preparation On-site
Audit Deterrence Measures
Penalty Avoidance Procedures
Proactive Tax Reduction Advice
Coordinate Business and Individual Income Taxes

Business Profit Improvement and Valuation Measures
Improved Profitability and Increased Cash Flow
Crisis Management and Resolution
Increased Return on Investment
Debt Restructuring and Negotiations

Certified QuickBooks Bookkeeping and Tutoring

How We Work

Bookkeeping Available On-site
and On-line

Fees Based on Hourly, Form-Based
or Flat Fee

One-time or Recurring Services

Simple Retainer-based Payment Structure

Prompt Service

Direct Access to Bookkeeping and
Income Tax Professionals

What You Can Expect

Calls returned within 4 business hours

Available extended hours

We listen to you and respect your reality

We deliver what we promise

Proactive client advice and preventative services

Our commitments to you are in writing

Fast turn-around, usually within 72 hours

Client-focused and results-driven

Written core values and mission statement

How to Contact Us

For Confidential Complimentary Consultation Please Call
(949) 583 1040
(877) 412 1040
or e-mail us
Please ask for Tom or Kathy

Based in Orange County, Serving Southern California Since 1976
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Additional Services

Certified Business Valuation Services
Accredited Business Valuations
Certified Business Valuation Review Reports
Value Enhancement Services
Preparation for Implementing the Optimum Exit Strategy
Litigation Support | Consulting Expert
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Please feel welcome to contact Tom at (949) 716 4875

Easy to Get Started

We can go over all the service options with you during an introductory conversation and give you a free, objective service analysis and estimate. There is no obligation.
Simply call and ask for Kathy or Tom at (949) 583 1040 or (877) 412-1040.